Miami West Sunset K SSS, Inc. was founded in Miami in the year 2000. Our goal was to engineer a Logistic Software for the forwarder industry professionals with minimal maintenance and high efficiency requirements to fulfill their freight documentation needs in air, ocean and ground areas, both domestic and international.

Currently we proudly present Kappa Logistics Software 1.35, a database application low in price and highly efficient. Kappa Logistics Software makes document and cargo tracking management a seamless operation. It also strengthen customer - forwarder - agent relations with better rules compliance, and increases your company image and prestige.

This application is a simple user interface software that is a robust, versatile and stable solution, capable of handling all your cargo documents with well established steps. Easy to master, easy to use. It has an advanced online tracking that will add phone and fax time reduction to your company. This Online Tracking offers an interactive and up to date communication channel between your customers and your company. And, regardless of Internet experience, we designed the pages and underlying information architecture to help all customers find their information quickly and easily. Kappa Logistics Software is based on the most advanced programming languages, report and database tools, those Microsoft ® Windows ® offers today.

We provide a 24/7 customer support, highly valued by our clients.

DSS - Data Share Services for your Agents
Let your agents build a customized Web Site by accessing their data from your system. Agents may pull their cargo data from your company's server to populate their own database and build a Store or a tailored Cargo Tracking alets and Billing services for their customers, just adding their data instead of double entering what you already did. Visit our Developer Corner in our Tools section for more information.
Dock Receipts, Partial Shipments and Customers Pickups
Import Files, Courier Manifests and Operation Invoices, Permits to Transfer, Transmittals Letter, Commercial Invoices and Form 7512, etc
Maintain up to 35,000 Products Inventory. Scan when receiving and when selecting products for Purchase Order. Keep track of your customer's Purchase Orders made by your warehouse. Print out on-hand Inventory by owner
Ground Freight
Pickups, Deliveries and Ground Consolidations with Manifests
Courier Freight
Courier Booking, Courier Waybills and Customer Invoices, Cargo Manifest and Cargo Statement Invoices
Ocean Freight
Quotes, Booking Confirmations, B/Ls, Manifests and Equipment Controls
Air Freight
Master Air Waybills Inventory, Quotes, Bookings, AWBs and Manifests
Quick Courier (PO BOX Services)
Receiving Pre-Alerts from customers, Scan Receiving Batch, Pre-Manifest and Manifest. Family up to 115,000 accounts, repacking, and much more!
Export Receivable and Payable transactions to QuickBooks ®

Enter UPS, FEDEX or DHL tracking number and let your customers use these same numbers to track their cargo in your system. Full date/time logs: Receiving, Loading, Unloading at destination and Delivery to final consignee


We will like to take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent response given to us every time we need it and always with a positive attitude on your part. That it is important for the relationship between product sellers and customers. Also we will recommend any other company to buy your software because every module is related to each other. Those functions are important to expedite our shipments and give our customers the best service, since in our line of business things are always for yesterday. We hope your company can keep going forward and excelling every day.

Xonia Torres | Ocean and Air Coordinator | Laser International Freight Transport Corp.

Kappa Logistics Software is a user friendly application. It gives you the tools to perform better in your daily tasks as a freight forward. I would recommend this program to any newcomer or stablished in this business, this program is reliable and very well put together. It can help you be more efficient in all departments from warehousing to operational in air and ocean. The technical support is excellent, they will resolve any trouble that you have in seconds.

Michael Linero | Astral Freight Services, Inc.

I thank my boss everyday for buying this systems, is truly easy to learn and use. My staff and I save so much time with this software that we can actually enjoy an hour lunch and leave on time. With my old software it would take me twice the time to do my work. I can even do corrections on last minute documents without having to start over. One of my favorite ability of this software is that it allows my clients to track their shipments and see the process of their cargo online. I have been in this trade for 26 years and this is the 1st letter I have written to congratulate a software company or recommend it.

Ibis Gonzalez | Logistics Director | Conventions & Special Events | Laser International Freight Transport Corp.

We want to recognize the excellent and timely customer service offered by Kappa Logistics Software. Every time we need assistance with something related to the system, their Support Team attends quickly and resolves the situation.

Jairo Restrepo | Nelcon Cargo Corp.

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 Powered by K SSS, Inc.
Disclaimer: This Website uses 'cookies' to store user preferences information. Using this site means you are 'OK with this.