Kappa Logistics Software is designed to be a Simple User Interface application, which provides the user with a quick access to all modules. Knowing the importance of security in this industry, Kappa has a Full User Security system to grant customized access levels to different users . This protects against changes in operations once transactions are posted to accounting. The application comes with a variety of tools to save time and to avoid mistakes, like the Automatic Charges Definition , with which a tariff may be defined for all customers, for a specific customer, with or without destination, or be copied from one customer to another. One click sends documents via e-mail. You may keep a record of transactions via Screen Previews or print out reports on all modules.

As a simple user interface application it is a software that is easy to learn and will in average take less than 10 training hours (included in the installation price). Besides that, we are proud to have a personalized customer support.

Make your Loading Guides in ocean and air modules when you are doing your Bill of Ladings or Air Waybills. Save time printing the whole consolidation documents, including invoices and labels. If there are information changes in the ocean booking, no problem, use our change booking information to make those changes to all documents within your consolidation with only one mouse click.

Today's world demands efficiency. This is why our software comes with a customer password protected Online Tracking System, that in real life will cut the company phone use and agent's calls to know if their cargo had arrived or departed to/from your warehouse.

There is no need to change your accounting system from QuickBooks® Kappa Logistics has a powerful Export Transactions Module (Payables and Receivables), capable of exporting accounting transactions generated by Operations into QuickBooks® checking for common errors like missing customer's accounts or charges definitions.

Prices Details - Lease Option

We offer one of the lowest monthly lease options(*) on the market. Only $170.00 for the first license and $60.00 for additional license

(*) - There is a one-time initial charge, which includes software installation and 10 hours of training. All future updates are included free of charge

Trial Version

Still not sure? Try a free 30-day trial with our fully functional version with no obligation. Call us today to schedule a demo session

Modules Details

• Warehouse (Dock) Receipt
• Labels
• Scan Loading Guide
• Reports. (Daily Receipt, Warehouse Inventory...)
• Storage Pro-Invoice report
• Let Agents and Customers know if their cargo had arrived or departed to/from your warehouse and see scanned documents (Packing List, Pro-Forma, Invoice and Warehouse Receipt) with the Real Time Internet Tracking.
Import Files (Operation Invoices)
• Import File - Arrival Notices (Operation Invoice) Records
• Operation Invoices Loading Guides
• Invoices
• Post Invoices to Account Payables and Receivables
• Reports
Ground, Ocean and Air Freight
• Ocean and Air Quotation
• Master Air Waybill Numbers Inventory
• Ground, Ocean and Air Booking (Master and House-Booking Confirmation)
• Loading Guides
• Ocean (Houses-Masters), Ground (Pickups and Deliveries) and Air Waybill (Houses-Masters)
• Link Dock Receipt Info directly into Document
• Make Partial Shipments
• Shipment Manifests, Delivery Tickets and Loading Documents
• Labels and Invoices
• Post Invoices to Accounts Receivable and Payable
• Profit and Loss, and Operation Detail Reports (By Customer, Carrier, Flight-Voyage...)
• Ocean Equipment Control Files
Pickup (Delivery) Receipts
• Pickup Receipts
• Delivery Receipts
• Loading Guides
• Labels and Invoices
• Reports. (Cargo, Receiving, Dispatch, History...)
• Post Invoices to Accounts Receivable and Payables
Courier Freight
• Courier Bookings
• Loading Guides
• Cargo Manifests and Statement Invoices
• Customer ability to track packages with the same UPS, FEDEX or DHL number, the sane number with which their cargo was received in your warehouse
• Keep and updated tracking scanning packages at receiving, loading, unloading at destination and at final delivery to ultimate consignee
• Post Invoices to Accounts Receivables and Payables
• Report Statement Invoices
• Receivable Invoices. (Payable Bills)
• Payable Check Print Out
• Customer Statements. (Consolidate Payments)
• Collection Letters (Over 30/60/90 days). (Voucher Reports)
• Air Sales by Airline Report. (Payable)
• Quick Real Time Customer (Vendor) Balance
• Aging Reports Receivable. (Payable)
• One Click Export Accounting Transactions to QuickBooks ®. The information is automatically moved from our operation modules to the accounting modules. This process reduces the amount of errors and eliminates the need of manual data entry
• Reports. (Customer-Vendor History, Open Invoice-Bill...)
Online Real-Time Tracking
• Warehouse Receipts
• Pickup (Delivery) Records
• Ground Waybills
• Courier Waybills
• Import Files
• Ocean Bills of Lading
• Air Waybills
• Preview or print all documents in its original format from the Web Browser
System minimum requiriments
• 4 MB Ram (8 MB Ram recommended)
• VGA with 800/600 screen resolution
• Network Card 10/100/1000
• Michosoft ® Windows ® 7/8/10
• Online Tracking: Michosoft ® Server 12 or above edition with IIS 7.0 or above installed required
Data Information Flow

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 Powered by K SSS, Inc.
Disclaimer: This Website uses 'cookies' to store user preferences information. Using this site means you are 'OK with this.